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Connect Your Old Linksys Router With New One

The article depicts how clients can interface their two Linksys routers to appreciate web get to. The strategies depicted here are basic and dependable. It is, be that as it may, emphatically exhorted that clients take after the directions painstakingly. This will in the long run spare them from confronting issues and calling up Linksys support for help.

Need assistance interconnecting 2 Linksys gadgets for web utilize? On the off chance that yes, at that point the article is for you. You might need to expand the scope of your network association with have web get to everywhere on your home or the territory you are in. The underneath said guide by Linksys support will enable you to play out the coveted undertaking individually and basically without the assistance of Linksys specialized help.


Interface your first switch (the one that you need to use as the main\server switch) to the PC utilizing an Ethernet link. Set up the switch in a legitimate way utilizing the correct links. Presently you have to arrange the existing router. To do as such, open your web program and sort ‘’ (without cites and as seems to be) in the address bar. Hit the Enter catch on the console.

At the point when the switch’s login screen comes up, type the administrator username and additionally secret word and hit the Login or Submit catch whatever you see there to continue. In the switch’s interface, feature the tab and the tap on the Fundamental Settings sub tab. Note down the System Mode (blended, g, or b whatever is there), System Name (SSID), and other data on a bit of paper and guard it as it will be required in following stages.

Tap on the Security sub tab and afterward select Security Mode viz. WEP, WPA or WPA2. Pick pre-shared passkey and sort a secret key of your decision in the important documented. Note down this data on a bit of paper and keep it aside for additionally utilize. In case you are unable to get this data, you can contact Linksys support on the toll free number. Tap on the Spare Settings catch and leave the switch’s Setup interface.

Presently interface the second switch (the one that should be spanned with the server switch) to the second PC utilizing an Ethernet link. Connect the power link to the electrical plug and boot the gadgets. At the point when the gadgets have booted, login to the switch’s interface in the same previously mentioned form (check first and second steps for more data).

At the point when signed into the Linksys support utility, feature the Setup tab and after that tap on the Fundamental Setup sub tab. Under System Setup alongside System Address Server Settings (DHCP), snap to choose the Cripple catch to kill the DHCP include in this switch. Since the server gadget will utilize this component, it isn’t required to have it empowered in the extension gadget.

Feature this tab and afterward hit the Fundamental Settings sub tab. Tap on the dropdown menu by System Mode and select Customer Scaffold. Match the settings on this tab to the settings in the server switch. Presently tap on the Security tab and guarantee that all the setting match with those in the server gadget.

Feature the Status tab and after that select the (sub tab). Hit the Site review fasten to bring the Site Study discourse box. It will show the rundown of all the systems it could discover in the territory. Find your system and afterward tap on the Join catch. Presently open your web program and check whether you can associate with the web or not. On the off chance that you can’t, at that point survey and match your settings precisely connect with Linksys support and get instant support.

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